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Emotions In Motion

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Coaching & therapy for Parents, Children & Families

Emotions in Motion provides coaching and therapy for Parents, children and families, it's run by Debbie Kinghorn an NLP and NLP4Kids therapist.

Debbie focusses on building confidence in children and parents and can help with a variety of challenges such as:

  • Bullying
  • Anxiety (School, social and general)
  • Difficulty in managing emotions
  • Changes in family situations (separation, divorce, bereavement)

To find out more about how Debbie and NLP can help you and your family visit:

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Children's book series

Debbie is also the author of "The Feelings Basket" series; books to help primary children understand their feelings during challenging life events such as the arrival of a new sibling, starting a new school, being bullied, parents separation and family bereavement.

For more information on how The Feelings Basket can help your children visit:

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Emotions in Motion is also the home of The Confidence Builder Club, an online community for parents providing lasting tips and techniques to help build confidence in your home.

To register your interest for the Confidence Builder Club, enter your details in this form, receive a free booklet on 5 great confidence building tips and information on how you can join the club.